Asphalt Geosynthetics FAQs

Q. 1 What is a geotextile?

A. It is a synthetic fabric which is laid on a bitumen tack coat and overlaid with blacktop.

Q. 2 What is a composite?

A. It is a fibreglass grid attached to a geotextile backing fabric.

Q. 3 Will a geotextile stop cracking?

A. Not completely, but if installed correctly it will substantially delay the progress of a crack and will prolong the life of the pavement.

Q. 4 What does the grid do?

A. It reinforces the asphalt and is appropriate where there is movement in the pavement, for example in roads across fenland.

Q. 5 Is the bitumen tack coat important?

A. Yes it is a vital ingredient for absorbing stresses and controlling the spread of cracks.

Q. 6 Does the softening point of the fabric need to be higher than 165°C?

A. No. In experiments the temperature of the fabric during surfacing has never approached this temperature.

Q. 7 Is a second tack coat needed?

A. No. The heat of the mix overlaying the geotextile will soften the bitumen sufficiently to draw it through the fabric to form a bond with the overlay.