Our water jetting machines are designed principally for the removal of rubber deposits from runways but they have also proved to be very effective in retexturing certain road surfaces. In particular Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) is binder rich with a tendency to have a low early life skid resistance. Ultra high pressure water jetting will improve the skid resistance of a newly laid SMA bringing it comfortably within acceptable levels of SCRIM and texture depth. Following the success of our large articulated unit OSPREY at retexturing, we have built MERLIN a more “user friendly” version for road work. MERLIN is designed and built on the same principles as OSPREY but we have put the technology on a smaller chassis. MERLIN is mounted on an 8 wheel, rear steer, rigid unit making it a very compact, manoeuvrable and versatile machine for working on roads.

Retexturing before and after
Water transfer