Rubber Removal FAQs

Q. 1 Will it harm the runway?

A. No. Whatever the surfacing material, our process is designed to give variable speed, pressure, and water flow to give the optimum amount of rubber removal with zero damage to the integrity of the surfacing material.

Q. 2 How quick is it?

A. We normally treat between 600m² and 1,000m² per machine per hour depending on the severity of the rubber deposits. Airport downtime can be halved by utilising our two machines.

Q. 3 Is it expensive?

A. The price depends on many factors such as location, total area to be cleaned, degree of contamination, disposal of arisings etc. We shall be pleased to quote for each specific enquiry.

Q. 4 How often can it be treated?

A.It can be treated as often as needed without any harm to the runway. Some of the larger airports have rubber removed four times per year.

Q. 5 What happens to the rubber once it has been removed?

A. It is entrained via a pneumatic system in to the debris tank along with the water used in the process. The rubber quickly seperates from the water and settles at the bottom of the tank. Unless there are facilities on site for disposing of the dirty water it is removed from site by licensed carrier, and the solid particles are removed to land fill.

Q. 6 How quickly can you vacate the runway?

A. We can vacate the runway in less than one minute leaving only a damp surface.