Rubber and Marking Removal

MERLIN and OSPREY our British designed and manufactured water jetting machines work at very controlled pressures of up to 3000bar. Their oscillating cleaning heads have a multitude of nozzles giving an even and gentle removal of rubber deposits from the runway touchdown zones. Results show that our machines provide a more complete and controlled removal of rubber than was achieved by earlier lower pressured machines.

MERLIN and OSPREY have a large carrying capacity of clean water and debris carrying capacity sufficient for 7 hours continuous operation for each machine. Water pressures of up to 3000bar are produced by one of the latest generation of URACA pumps, renowned for their reliability. Treatment is achieved by a computerised cleaning head oscillating in front of the vehicle, in a path parallel to the runway grooves. The system strips 100% of the deposited rubber while presenting no threat to the integrity of the runway surface.

With a simple control in the driver’s cab it is possible to select varying treatment widths from 200mm to 2000mm. The servo driven rotary heads move in a pattern automatically varied by the onboard computers to correspond with the forward speed of the machines.

All the jetted water and removed rubber deposits are entrained into a pneumatic conveying system and are deposited into the onboard debris tank for safe disposal to a licensed land fill site.

Runway rubber removal
Rubber removal, before and after