Surface Dressing FAQs

Q. 1 What are the benefits of Surface Dressing?

A. It is a very cost effective method of road maintenance fulfilling three functions to an existing surface (i) it binds the surface (ii) it seals it and (iii) it provides resistance to skidding provided that loose aggregate has been swept off after the dressing. It also provides an even and attractive appearance to a road which has, for example, been patched.

Q. 1 Is it seasonal?

A. Yes. Surface dressing must be done in dry warm weather conditions and it depends on a period of reasonable warmth to bed in before the onset of winter. Surface dressings should therefore normally be done in the period mid April to the end of August.

Q. 1 Is it a substitute for asphalt?

Not really as it is more a maintenance process than a construction process. Water bound surfaces can, however, be surface dressed to bind them usually with a double dressing initially followed by a further single dressing the following season.